Sunday, January 11, 2009

3 friends posing with Spiderman

and enjoying a couple of fun, playful hours together this afternoon.

Bennett and Gabe were struck with the notion to learn how to breakdance. This started with Nick finding an old breakdancing "how to" book from 1984, which he bought for himself when he was in 3rd grade. After studying the book with numbered diagrams in photos, and watching several YouTube videos, Nick, Gabe, and Ben tried out some sweet moves, while Clara, Xavier, and I laughed hysterically. Too funny.

What also made me smile - I realized that the kids in that book from over two decades ago, with their brightly colored-mismatched clothes, puffy-zip-up vests, leggings, and Converse sneakers would not look out of place in the mall today. Dang it! Why didn't I save my legwarmers!!

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Rachel said...

Hilarious! I need that book. Trent seriously took a Break-Dancing class when he was 12.(NERD!!) So I think that means ---DANCE-OFF!!!
He says he is the BEST at doing the Worm!