Friday, July 4, 2008


As in, The City of Brotherly Love.

Xavier and Bennett are never far from one another. Xavier yells to get Ben to come over, and Ben never strays very far. The newest thing is, Xavier has learned to give hi-5's, and Ben thinks this is great.

Ben also loves to make Xavier laugh, by splashing in the tub with him, making funny noises, tickling him, poking him, running toys over him (yes, this surprisingly does make him laugh.) From another room, I'll hear, "Mommy, Xavier's lapping! I'm making him lap!" (that's laughing, Ben has trouble with f's ;-).

Here they are, enjoying a "moment" together. Xavier loves when Ben sits with him. I needed a closer photo of this to show the smile on his face :-)

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Melissa said...

It almost looks like Xavier is giving Ben a back rub. Very cute!