Friday, July 11, 2008

The Little Gym

Bennett has been attending a tumbling class at our local "Little Gym" for several weeks now. He was in the same class last summer, but this year, he is enjoying it so much more. I think a year of preschool under his belt has done wonders for following directions, waiting turns, etc.

Remember that big parachute that would come out for gym class every once in a blue moon in elementary school? Such fun!

Ben's the little guy in the background doing a forward roll off the springboard.

Walking on a balance beam, and taking a break to peep at me and smile:

A little fast-action photography at work for this next sequence ;-)

Afterwards, we had breakfast at Panera. Ben was enjoying his asiago cheese bagel so much, he wouldn't even take a break from eating it to smile for the camera. What an enjoyable morning!


Aunt Kelly said...

You're so strong Ben! You have such a nice Mommy who takes you to do fun things. Love you. Give Xavier a big hug for me.

Melissa said...

That class looks like so much fun! Hannah is in a tumbling class through our city rec center and it just doesn't compare to The Little Gym classes. We'll have to sign her up eventually...there's just so many options for kids these days...I don't want to over schedule her.