Thursday, July 3, 2008

"I'm getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger!"

I don't know why there's always 3 "bigger's" in there, but I hear this from Bennett everyday as he proclaims his independence, physical growth, and learning to anyone that will listen.


Ben loves the computer (who does he get that from? hmmm??? I seriously have no idea!) and can now efficiently use the laptop mouse pad to play games. In the above photo, he's playing videos of his favorite Thomas the Tank Engine songs. And singing along. The kid has a wicked memory!

Teeball next year? I think so. He'll be ready. Last weekend, I was upstairs and heard the sound of a ball being hit with a bat. Nick was standing in the middle of the backyard and catching balls hit by someone from a decently far distance. I couldn't see who that was from the window, and I said, "hey, Nick - who's here? Who's hitting the ball to you?" He said, "Ben!" Whoa. I was impressed.

Foul ball, but look at that form...the follow through! Whew!

As fast as the last couple years have gone with him, I imagine it'll feel like only a week has passed and I'll be sitting in the stands watching him at bat for his high school team. Insane.

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