Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th!

We had a very nice time July 4th, with a leisurely cookout at Nick's parents' house. The highlight of the day (in addition to the yummy food, of course), was the fun the boys had with a small wagon. Its one of those little plastic wagons that legos come in, but we figured out that Xavier fit very nicely into it, and Ben had a blast dragging him around the yard.

No kidding, they did this for about 20 minutes. Xavier's heavy! We were surprised that Ben kept at it so long, but he loves to make Xavier laugh, and Xavier was giggling like crazy. Ben would push him up the ramp to Papa's shed and then run him back down, over all the bumps along the way. He'd say - "Ready, Xavier! Here we go! 1-2-3-Blastoff!"

Here's documentation of their little game:

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Melissa said...

It looks like a very fun 4th of July! Your boys have so much fun together, I love seeing all of your pictures with them together.