Saturday, March 1, 2008

Upside down!

As a newborn and a few months after, Xavier was very bothered by any kind of motion, and would end up projectile vomiting everywhere (yes, yuck). I remember errands and doctors appointments that entailed 3-4 outfit changes (sometimes my own). It was a nightmare, and they said that some kids with hydrocephalus experience motion sickness. All we could do was hope and pray he would grow out of it...and he did. By his 4 month birthday, Nick was throwing him up in the air (I remember this so clearly) and we heard his first little giggle...the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. :-)

Well, now is no different. Although its getting more difficult for us to throw him up in the air (this usually requires a blanket made into a sort of sling), upside down is still quite manageable! Here's me and my baby boy (he'll be 5 next month, am I still allowed to call him that?) delighting in this simple pleasure last weekend - both of us still in pj's!

Oh, and since you can see a tiny bit of our kitchen in these photos, I'll take this opportunity to update remodeling progress. I know you're all dying to know! HA! Later this month we'll hit the one year mark for this project. We can see the light, as our kitchen is now completely functional (has been for a few months now) but there are many loose ends that need tied up (cabinet doors, finish trim, some painting, etc.) Nick's completing work on the kitchen seating area and table. I promise to post a full report with "before and after" pictures at this epic project's conclusion. Be patient -- remember, Nick is making everything! I remind myself of this daily, when wanting to set something down on a non-existant table, or close cabinet doors when company comes. hehehe


behka said...

Xavier looks so good! So does your kitchen. Can't wait to see the before and after pics!

Melissa said...

Small things that thrill and entertain are the best!!! I love all the photos...keep them coming!

Rachel said...

There's the computer on the counter--no wonder you said the kitchen was full functioning now. Hee hee! Anyhow, what great pictures. It makes me laugh to see you carry Xavier like that. Carson loves to dance still and I have to catch my breath here and there. I love the pictures of him smiling and the similarities I notice in he and Carson too. It's great!