Saturday, March 8, 2008


Ben is able to recognize all his letters now with almost 100% accuracy, and has even come up with a way to write them -- with his favorite snack, of course!

Bennett is a pretzel junkie. I'm telling you, he MUST have them every day, no exception. ;-) The usual routine:

Ben: Mommy, I need a snack.
me: (knowing 9 times out of 10 he'll ask for pretzels) Okay, Ben, what would you like?
Ben: mmmmm, pretzels! yes, pretzels!

Ben MUST get the bag of pretzels himself. (otherwise, meltdown!) Unclips the bag, hands me the clip, asks for a "little bowl", looks at me very seriously, and then this exact conversation ensues everytime:
Ben: Mommy, I gonna fill the bowl all the way up to the roof.
me: Wow, Ben that would be a lot of pretzels! Too many, I think. How about 3 handfuls?
Ben: (satisfied) Okay! One (grabs first handful, with care to fit as many in his little hand as possible) - Two - Three. One hundred! One hundred pretzels. Oh, and I'd like some milk too, please!

Some more fun things courtesy of Ben's mind:
As we're sitting all in a row on the steps of the pool after swimming:
Ben: (sigh) This is nice.
me: (giggling at how sweet he is) Yes, Ben. It is nice. Hey Ben, how many people are in our family?
Ben: (pointing at each of us) one-two-three-four! Four people in our family!
me: Thats right. How many boys are in our family?
Ben: One (pointing to Xavier) Two! (pointing to himself). Two boys!
me: Ben, I think you're forgetting someone. What about Daddy?
Ben: hehe. Mooommmy! (said with a 'you're being silly' tone) Daddy's not a boy! Daddy's a MAN!
Nick: Yeah Ben!
me: Was that rehearsed?
Nick: Nope. Our boy's just smart! (smiling big)


Heard from our walk-in pantry at snack time:
Ben: Mommy, I'd like a snack, please.
me: Okay, Ben. What would you like? (expecting, you guessed it - pretzels!)
Ben: Hmmmmm, let me see...(hands on hips)
Maybe....(with thoughtful finger touching his lips)
I gonna have (taking that same finger and pointing up and down the shelves)
a teeny tiny bit of (using a tiny pleading voice, holding each index finger and thumb together and using both hands to make a little box shape)
I laughed for about 5 min straight. Where does he get these gestures from?!


Melissa said...

That is so funny...Hannah loves pretzels too and always holds them up if they resemble a letter, she found a "P" the other day. It must be a 3 year old thing!

On a side note...We also stayed at the Kalahari resort at the Dells. I loved our room situation, it was a suite with two rooms (essential when traveling with Grandma, she snores like a chain saw) and two bathrooms. Are you guys flying or driving? We only live two hours from the Dells...we should definitely meet for lunch or dinner.

Rachel said...

What a sweet smile he has!!!! So smart too. I love what comes out of Bens mouth!

Teagansmama said...

We'll have to try the pretzel letter game. :) Teagan's slow on the letters I guess. She know's T for Teagan but that's about it. We are talking about them a lot and pointing them out in books, etc. I'm sure she'll get it someday. Way to Go Benny! :)