Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Crazy Ohio weather.

Ok, so like I mention in the entry below, I'm a little behind in posting. The following pictures are from March 3rd, when we hit 60*.

Yep, that right -- early March + Ohio + 60* = a truly inspiring event (for me at least, hehe). See all the snow disappearing? - a beautiful sight! I could 'hear' it melting that day. Music to my ears :-)

The boys and I took this advantageous situation, and ran with it. Or walked with it, as the case was :-)We took our first walk over to Gpa and Gma's since that fated day on Halloween when our house caught on fire while we were gone. Ah, memories...

Ben did a great job following directions and traffic laws ;-) on our walk. Notice he is riding his "Diego" bike from Christmas, its first spin on the road. I think he could have ridden for miles. "COME ON, Mommy and Xavier! GO FASTER!"

Xavier was not in a good mood, and was less than thrilled with the idea of taking a wagon ride. But he toughed it out, and by the end, he was very upset our time outside was over...

And that was the same day that Uncle Eric brought Ben a train table he found at an estate sale! Holy cow! Jackpot! Ben was crazy excited, wanted us to bring it inside immediately, but alas, it needed a good cleaning. The wait until the next day nearly killed him (hehe) and now he devotes hours of playtime to it and his train set each day. Thanks again, Uncle Eric!!

Alright, remember my post title? Here's where that comes into play - 60* on Monday that week...Friday and Saturday - 20* and over a foot of snow. Seriously! Here's Ruby trudging through the frozen tundra.

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Melissa said...

We are dealing with the same "crazy weather" here too. It still drives me crazy that it's even possible to snow in March and April...that's just not right.