Monday, March 17, 2008

Hands on

Xavier has gotten very good at sitting up from off the back of whatever he's sitting in lately - his highchair, his stroller, his carseat...he just keeps getting stronger. And bigger too! A few days ago, he had an appt with his neurologist, who he had not seen since last May. Since then, he's put on 5 lbs. (he now weighs in at 35lbs.) and moved from 3% on the growth chart to the 15%. And he seems to be getting so much taller too, I'll have to measure him soon. Here's my strong boy, sitting up in his high chair, playing.

And here are the boys with a school project: hand prints!

I think this photo is hilarious. I was working with Xavier on his exercise ball, and got the urge to give him a kiss - just look at his reaction. He did not appreciate the interruption in one of his favorite activities - bouncing!

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Melissa said...

That picture of you kissing Xavier is too funny, I love the look on his face. I'm so proud of you and him, you do such a wonderful job working with him everyday.