Sunday, February 24, 2008

Playtime with Abby!

Last Saturday, our family spent time with Abby, a three year old little girl we are very fond of. :-) She stayed with us for the day and we all had a very nice time playing!

Xavier loves when Abby is around. He adores little girls, because they tend to smother him with attention, and who wouldn't want that?! Abby found where Xavier is he is with the giggles:

Ben and Abby enjoying a book. (I think this picture is priceless, by the way.)

As the mother of two young boys, I never get to indulge in girly activities. So when I suggested we paint our nails, and Abby excitedly agreed, I was very happy to have her try her hand at painting my nails.

And of course hers required painting too! I was very impressed at Abby's steady hand, she did quite a nice job staying on the nail!

Ben watched this nail painting bonanza and was intrigued. "Mommy I want my nails pink too!" The results:

Upon further inspection, he seemed a little perplexed. ;-)

Abby and Ben had a good a time chasing the dogs around. Here's Abby having a cuddly moment with Stew.

Smiley face craziness! Between Ben and Abby, I think about 50 were drawn :-)

And finally - all five of us, enjoying a quiet moment together (snack time)!


Melissa said...

Abby is adorable! It looks like such an enjoyable, loving day! You are brave to let Abby paint your nails...I'll have to let Hannah practice on Olivia first.

behka said...

You all look so happy! What a fun day to spend together.