Monday, February 18, 2008

Winter swimming

We recently joined our town's new community center which has a gym and a pool...and we've been taking advantage of both! The boys really love the pool. Its a stiffling 92* in the pool area and the water is about 90* give or take. I, for one, need this little respite from the chill of February. This has to be my least favorite time of year...the warm fuzzies of the winter holidays are over, and yet its still bitterly cold and snowy with no signs of glorious spring. I hate winter. Have I said that before? hehehe!

Anyway - back to the pool! Ben is always hesitant to get into the water at first. Who knew our little dare devil would be a little freaked out by the water? The first time we walked into the pool area, he said, "OH Mommy! That's big water! Wow. Big water. I don't know, Mommy. I don't want to go in the big water. I want the little water. Like the bath tub." He likes to sit in a chair, take it all in for about 10 minutes and then he adjusts and climbs in with us. Here's Nick, trying to coax him in.

Ben likes to sit on the steps and splash, or lay on his belly and kick his legs to splash.

Getting warmed up to go into the 'big water'!

The entire pool is no deeper than about 4.5 feet at any one place, so its perfect for swishing Xavier around, stretching him out, and getting him to kick and splash to build strength. He loves the water, smiles a lot, and yells at me when I get him out. Loudly. And it echoes in there. I feel sorry for the other swimmers!

We were chatting with the owner of the center last weekend and she offered to snap some shots of us...

Relaxation at its finest...


Melissa said...

What fun and a great way to spend a Winter afternoon!!! I love all the pics, especially Ben's relaxation shot!

Aunt Kelly said...

I'll have to see this place. Do they let guests come with you? Maybe sometime I could go swimming with you guys. I wish Millersburg had something like this. I have to say that I was totally weirded out by how much the first picture of you in the pool looks like me...also a little concerned with the picture showing your bare foot in the pool :) Sometimes I look in the mirror and the fact that I truly see you looking back at me is just too strange.