Sunday, February 17, 2008

Snow days!

This past week, we finally got a snowfall sufficient for outside play. Ben was thrilled when Nick suggested they go have fun in the snow.

First - an attempt at a giant snowball (which did not keep Ben's interest).

Then snowangels:

and sliding down the snowfilled slide (he did this for at least 10 minutes)!

His favorite activity was being pushed in a make-shift sled.

and then he wanted to push Nick...

Here he is distressed and consumed with sadness when his play in the snow had come to an end. He was clinging to Nick's coat, saying, "No, Daddy! I not done! I wanna go out and plllaaaaaaay!! ahhhhhhhhhh!!!" However, this was quickly diffused with a favorite, a mug of hot cocoa and a snack of pretzels.

Xavier and I chose to stay inside during Ben and Nick's outdoor adventure. We watched (warm and cozy) from the window. He was in a good mood, and had a case of the giggles, which delights me to no end...

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Aunt Kelly said...

Might there be snow pants on the Christmas list next year...for Ben and Nick??? I know Xavier doesn't like the cold, or he'd be on that list too. Maybe one of those full body with a hood suits for X. Looks like so much fun. The distress picture... can just here him begging. What a face! Love the giggle shots of Xavier. So cute.