Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Monster trucks

Ben is fascinated with these vehicles of destruction (does he have a kinship with them, not sure? ha! just kidding.) Anyway, he's been playing with toy monster trucks for awhile now, but when Nick mentioned to him that there might be a show on tv about them, Bennett talked of watching it all the time. So we tivo'd one for him: he was glued to the set for the half hour it was on.

Commentary by Ben:
"Whoa, that's a big truck! It gonna get that bus! Watch out bus! Whoa! Mommy the bus is crushed!"

and when noticing that his toy monster truck had a real-life duplicate (what are the chances that the one he has was actually on the show we recorded?), he was awe-struck. He looked back and forth from the screen to his toy and said:

"Mommy! That my truck! That my truck! LOOK! My truck is on tv! Go truck! Oh man, that truck is dirty. The wheels are all yucky. It gonna jump and land on the cars, just like me!" which led him to promptly arrange his hot wheel cars in a line so that he could have his monster truck make a crash landing right on top.

Xavier also likes monster trucks, but his favorite part is the geared wheels on Ben's toy -- he loves it when we rev it up and then run it over his body. He laughs his head off at this...its become a tactic to get him out of a bad mood. Works every time without fail.

On this particular day however, Xavier had no interest in watching the video. Too much cheering and loudness he didn't appreciate. So he decided to listen to a favorite cd instead. Here he is enjoying a lazy moment (yes, that's a big yawn :-)


Melissa said...

What fun - you should take him to see a live show.
I love the picture of Xavier yawning, he so cute!!!

Kristy said...

Funny you should suggest that, Melissa! ;-) Nick, Ben and some friends are going to a show on Friday! Ben won't stop talking about it :-)