Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Xavier's new seat

Xavier is growing so big, and has long since outgrown his baby highchair. But we've been making do with it because we weren't sure what kind of seat to graduate him to, and also because the cost of special needs seating is extraordinary.

We decided to take the plunge and investigate options, and came up with this wonderful alternative to highchair type seating. Its made of a soft, squishy dense foam material, which is essential for Xavier's bony little body :-). The seat can be tilted at any angle on the base (it has heavy-duty velcro to hold it in place) or it can be detached and then hooked to any regular dining room chair. That means Xavier can sit right up to the table with us, which was an important deciding factor. We love that he's on the same level as the rest of the family, and can tell that he does too.

Here he is, the first time sitting in his new seat, obviously pleased with it!

Checking it out:

Ben had a ball playing with the box it came in...

It frees up both Xavier's hands and arms to play:

And can easily be taken with us when we go out to eat:

(Xavier and I when we went out to eat at a favorite restaurant for Mother's Day)


Rachel said...

Cool seat dude!!!! I like the way that looks. And it's a great idea since the boney back is a problem.
I'm glad it worked out and looks great.

Rachel said...

oh ya--and Kristy are you going with bangs or no bangs????!!!!!!
That reminds me of someone I know! Your hair is growing so fast!!!
I hope this comment is important enough to be posted. hee hee

Teagansmama said...

Yea! Nice choice (Tomato, yes?) and bravo Xavier on working the two hands with or without the support!!

And while we're at it, nice job Ben on counting down those days!

Teagan's new favorite question each day is "Mama, what number day is it?" Of course we are trying to count up and she doesn't know beyond 10, but alas. We are using the calendar to help (remember she doesn't attend school yet so this is very novel)

Melissa said...

That is one awesome looking seat! I think it's great that it works on the ground and on a chair...very cool!

Nick, Kristy, Xavier and Bennett said...

Rachel -- yes, the eternal question, bangs or no answer? - Both! I flip back and forth from pinning them back and letting them down. (As if anyone else who reads this blog was interested in this tantalizing detail of my life! HA!)

Heather -- yes, its a "special Tomato" seat. for our special little tomato. :-)