Thursday, May 8, 2008

Making tracks

Ben is becoming quite proficient at laying his Thomas the Train wooden tracks into impressive forms. He usually compares his layouts to different shaped objects, like potatoes, pears, circles, trees, etc. Today I asked him what this track was shaped like, and he said, "Oh Mommy, this track is tricky. Its quite curvy." Where does he get this stuff?!

And here's Bennett's first try at taking a photo. He wanted to take a picture of me after I took a picture of him with his "tricky track". I had to lean a little to get my head in the picture, but Ben was quite pleased with the result. He said, "I'm such a big kid, Mommy! Now I'm taking pictures of you!"

1 comment:

Melissa said...

These are very cute photos! Ben did a great job taking his first photo. Kids come up with the cutest sentences...he definitely gets the "quite" part from you. You say that all the time.