Thursday, May 8, 2008

"A beach?! At the park?!"

Last Saturday, it was beautiful out, and we had a picnic in our local park/playground. Ben could barely contain himself long enough to eat his lunch before we let him loose to swing, slide, and climb his little heart out. Xavier was loving being out in the sunshine, and enjoyed a leisurely lunch with Nick while Ben and I played.

The big hit of the afternoon? The sand volleyball court. Not to play volleyball in, of course. No, when Ben saw it, he said, "Whoa! Holy cow! A beach?! At the park?!" He and Xavier were thrilled sitting in the sand, and another little boy joined in the fun too. He and Ben were building, as Ben put it, "A big tall sand castle! Up to the sky, up into the clouds!" Predictably, it never made it past about a foot tall, because Ben and his new buddy couldn't resist jumping on it. :-) What was also funny, was the boys would run 30 ft away to gather up sand for their pile, as if the yards of sand they were on top of were not enough. Cute.

Xavier was having a ball watching the boys building the castle (which was actually just a lump of sand...) and squishing the sand between his fingers.

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Melissa said...

I love all the new pics! Ben comes up with the cutest things..."A beach?! At the park?!"...too cute!