Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last week of school

May 19th through the 22nd was the boys' last week of school. Bennett had been counting down the days on his fingers since there were 8 left (the last 2 weeks, they go Monday through Thursday). It was a good lesson in counting backwards and time passing by.

The week started off on Monday with a program in the evening for parents. The kids sang 6 songs with props and hand motions. Nick and I were so proud of both boys! Ben did about 1/2 the hand motions and Xavier tried very hard to imitate what the other kids were doing too. His wonderful teacher's assistant, Dianne, sat right next to him and helped him out. Bennett is in the red shirt with white sleeves in the middle of the photo, and Xavier is on the far left in black and white stripes. The kids are pretending to brush their teeth in this part of the song.

Afterwards there were snacks and an openhouse in the classroom. Nick and Xavier hung out after having cookies and punch.

We also got to pick up projects the boys have been working on at the openhouse- an alphabet book, the life cycle of a butterfly, and other various projects.

Here's Xavier, exhausted after we came home from school the last day. It could have also been because he woke up at 4:15am (who knows why, he's always been an early riser.) He fell asleep drinking his milk before lunch (that's why he's covered with towels/washclothes...we've long since given up on bibs - he's way too big for that, and he looks so silly in them!)

On the way home, Ben had said, with one finger left on his hand for the count down, "We had our last day, this morning there was 1, and now," (putting the finger down, and showing just his closed fist, "there are none! Its summertime!"

Now, to figure out how to keep the little turkeys busy all summer...


Melissa said...

I love all the new pictures! Xavier and Ben's program looks so cute...I can't wait until my girls are doing things like that. Are the boys signed up for any summer programs? Hannah is signed up for a dance class, swimming lessons, and a gymnastics's going to be a busy summer!

Nick, Kristy, Xavier and Bennett said...

Yep! The Ben is signed up for gymnastics and a play/craft/game group designed to foster healthy social skills. Xavier is going to have private OT and we're all doing a summer reading program at our library. Busy, but fun! What kind of dance is Hannah going to be doing?