Friday, June 22, 2007

Xavier's getting a move on!

Xavier is doing so well in his gait trainer! Our patio has a tiny bit of a down slope to it, and it's just right to allow Xavier to gain some momentum and walk by himself about 15-20 ft. As soon as we put him in it, he 'talks' very loudly and smiles. We can tell he is very proud of himself. We're always amazed at how tall he is - when Ben stands next to him he's at least a couple of inches taller. Ben likes to clap for him when he walks and says "Great job Xavier!"

Here he is, proud to have just finished a walk on the patio!

And a side view to show just how straight and tall he stands - this is actually an action shot, he was walking at the time, both feet just happen to be on the ground at this point.

Another way Xavier is getting around lately - in our new car! Here he is trying out the driver's seat- playing with the steering wheel.

And here's the new car itself - a Toyota Scion xB. Nick loves it so much that I catch him sneaking peeks at it while we're playing outside...and he said he made a special trip to a window at work, just to check on it today. :)


Melissa said...

Way to go Xavier! You are looking so tall! Love the new car too!

Aunt Kelly said...

I am so proud of you Xavier!