Friday, June 22, 2007

Little Monkey

Ben started a gymnastics class a couple of weeks ago and it has proved to be a wonderful thing for him! He loves climbing on all the equipment and he is doing a better job at taking turns and following directions as part of a group. His upper body strength is amazing and the activities are also helping him focus on his lower body which is still a bit uncoordinated at times.

Walking on wobbly foam shapes using the parallel bars.

This is absolutely his favorite activity (and the most tempting distraction) - hanging upside down on any bar available. He now does this on the trapeze on our playset in the backyard all the time too, shouting "I'm hanging upside down!!"

The instructor sets up a "course" for the kids, which usually includes doing a forward roll, a balance activity, and a climbing activity. Here's Ben doing the balance portion of the course:


Melissa said...

This looks like so much fun! We have a "Little Gym" near by and I've been dying to sign Hannah up. We're going to wait until Olivia comes home will something special just for Hannah and daddy to do together.

Aunt Kelly said...

What a little monkey.