Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our Two Cowboys

Xavier's summer session of hippotherapy has started! He goes every week on Thursday mornings, and Benny now comes with us because he has his gymnastics class immediately before, right down the road (I'll try to get some pictures of that this week, what a monkey he is!) I don't know who enjoys the time at hippotherapy most - Xavier or Ben. Xavier of course loves riding CJ and Ben, well, he loves the things most little boys love - dirt, big animals, and tractors. So its a fun time for all!

Ben preparing to get dirty.

No hands! Xavier is sitting on the horse without anyone holding onto him!

Ben with Cowboy and Angel. He likes to feed them hay, 1 piece at a time.

Ben with Ziggy, saying "I can't reach him!"

Backwards buckaroo!

Xavier and CJ race Ben at the end of every session - this time it was a tie!

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Aunt Kelly said...

Barnyard fun...we have plenty of that in to go around.