Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A picnic in the park

This past weekend we were able to enjoy some beautiful, warm, sunny weather and decided to have a picnic in a park near by. Silver Creek is a Metro park with lots of nice nature trails, and a big lake with a beach/swimming area. We had a nice lunch and then walked around a bit, but it was very hot (almost 90!) and we decided to cut it short.

Ben enjoying his lunch-

Xavier clapping after finishing his lunch (it was very yummy apparently!)-

Go Ben Go!! There was a big hill near our picnic table that Ben decided he needed to go down on his tricycle (although I think Nick might have come up with the plan originally??) I watched apprehensively, fearing a big spill, but Benny managed to keep himself upright and did it again and again and again...Its amazing how strong he is...he's able to pedal on the grass as well as on a smooth surface!


Melissa said...

What a great idea! I love picnics in the park...we may have to steal this idea for next weekend! You can tell the boys really enjoyed spending time together in the park!

Aunt Kelly said...

Looks like Arby's curly fries???