Sunday, October 17, 2010


The above is Bennett on September 12th showing off his "shirt that makes me super fast." He is completely convinced that if he wears one of 3 particular pairs of socks, this shirt, or his white shin guards (during soccer), he is faster than he normally is.

Actually, he IS getting speedier and more coordinated when running. Someone at his soccer game today commented to me that he is "small, but scrappy!" Scrappy?! I like it! (I'm pretty sure he meant that in a good way.)

He had a GREAT game today, including a fantastic defensive kick that moved the ball 3/4 of the way down the field and led to the set up of a goal. He played goalie for a quarter and made an awesome stop too. Almost made a goal kicking the ball through 2 of the opposing team's players, but it went just on the wrong side of the goal post. UGH, I wish I had pictures of all this action! I had my camera, but my SD card was sitting all by itself on the kitchen counter, leaving my Nikon just an empty shell of an electronic. :-(

This was the last soccer game of the season, but there will definitely be more to come. Recently, Bennett informed me of the following, "My three sports are soccer, basketball, and golf." Nevermind he has never played basketball and has only mini-golfed, but apparently, this is what we're in store for in the next 12+ years. He was so excited to sign up for basketball, and that starts next month. I will be sure to bring my Nikon AND my SD card.

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