Saturday, October 16, 2010


Here are me, X, and B on the morning of Xavier's first day of school, August 24th.

I drop B off at 8:25, and then Xavier and I head over to his school. We sing on the way. Can you tell he's singing here?

Showing off his 2 bottom teeth that are growing in. He lost all 4 front ones this summer. :-)

Now it's Xavier's makes sense that he goes second because he actually didn't start until August 24th, one day after Benny. (Even though you are reading this first, as blogger lists things in chronological order of postings, and I typed it second.)

I actually didn't know he started the day after B until the week before. All summer, I was under the assumption August 23rd was the day o' magic, but I was wrong. Ha! Anyway, X and I had great one-on-one time while B was in school that first day...I relish those days, when I have just one of my boys to focus on by themselves. I get to appreciate all the little things that make them who they are, that sometimes slip by unnoticed when I'm multitasking parenting.

This year, Hazel Harvey Elementary has created a Multi-Disabilities (MD) Unit for Xavier and some other children in our district that have developmental disabilities. Currently, there are only three kids in the class, with one teacher and 2 paraprofessionals. Xavier gets to go into typical first grade and Kindergarten classrooms for social and learning activities. He LOVES the Kindergarten curriculum and nurturing environment. The music, dancing, and continuous doting of 5 year old children makes him grin and giggle. Its so awesome to see. He goes back to the MD classroom for therapy (PT/OT/SLP) and for individual activities with his teacher and interventional specialists. He's working on lots of communication activities, doing simple turn-taking games, and thoroughly enjoying himself throughout the day.

Unfortunately, the last eight weeks have not been all sunshine and cotton candy. Prefacing this with the fact that the school and I are working to make things better, and without getting into specifics, there was a huge communication breakdown with regards to Xavier's general safety and addressing of IEP goals in the classroom. It dominated the last several weeks of my life. As outward evidence of the intense level of irritation I had brewing within me, I walked around with a twitchy left eye and developed a monster zit during the last week of this debacle. I had been patient, my polite voicings of concern were being placated with incomplete, PC answers, and I had had enough. Long story short - I started being blunt, and things got fixed. I think we're on the right path now...although from now on, I will no longer assume, my general alertness has been raised, and I am demanding more complete communication (which I had assumed was being done, but unfortunately was not.) I'm still pretty upset and raw over this...I lost trust, and hope the school will work to gain it back. Xavier deserves more...

On a happier note - X has had the introduction of even more awesome people into his life. His first MD teacher was great, but moved onto another position 2 weeks into the school year. (Because of "the problem", I think.) The new MD teacher is also wonderful, and the 2 paraprofessionals are super. He also got to hang out with a great substitute in between teacher #1 and teacher #2.

What a year so far...and we're only 8 weeks in? Lordy - what else is in store? I hope nothing that gives me a twitch. (That was annoying.)

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Kelly said...

Xavier is getting so big! Sorry to hear things haven't been good at school. I hope things are better now.