Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Special days to remember...

Thursday, May 21, was the boys' last day of preschool! The whole week was filled with special days, and the weather was thankfully really beautiful, as a lot of the activities were outdoors.
Monday was pirate day. (please excuse the photo quality - it was taken on my phone...)

Hanging out with a buddy, waiting for the end of the day -

Tuesday was beach and bubble day, Wednesday was birthday party day, and Thursday was outdoor fun day.
Getting wet at the water table:

Xavier played catch with his friend Trey. They are great friends! He's always telling Xavier he loves him and gives him hugs and kisses. Its so sweet.

Bennett and Saige - they'll continue on for one more year of preschool together in the fall. Aren't they cute together?!

After playing outside on the last day, everyone came in to perform some songs for the parents. The kids really let loose and sang their hearts out. So cute. Here's Xavier and his friend Trent, holding hands.

Ben with friends Grace and Caleb.

The boys each got a certificate and a book to celebrate their good job at school this year.

The class:

Here's Bennett on his last day of physical therapy. They're working on hand-eye coordination, and balance (but really it just looks like fun, right?)

Here's everyone, unfortunately minus Ben (he was with the physical therapist when I took this picture).

Its truly touching how much these kids like each other. They are so kind, and the concern and love they have for each other is very evident. Most of the kids are moving on to kindergarten next fall, including Xavier!! I really hope that he'll have some familiar faces in his class :-)

Ben looks forward to another year with all his returning preschool friends, making some new ones, and seeing one of his favorite people - Ms. Dianne (teacher's assistant)!!

In addition - Nick and I want to say a big thank you to Mrs. Gloria Browning, Xavier and Ben's preschool teacher. We will miss you so much - you have been such an integral part of our boys lives for 3 years now, and its difficult to put into words what a positive impact you've had on our lives. We are forever grateful for all your compassion, understanding, patience, wisdom, knowledge, ideas, advice, and love for our boys, and all those whose lives you have touched over the years. We love you! Happy retirement!!


Anonymous said...

What fun the last few days were for your boys.
Soo...looks like your hubby is checking out the long-legged dark haired mom in one of the pictures. Busted!

Kristy said...

oh, wow, now, that's funny! i'll have to ask him about it...look at the look on his face! HA!

Fluhrer said...

Its so sad to see preschool end. It looked like a big class! I bet Xavier loved that.So cute to see him holding hands with the kids too. Ben definately couldn't complain about that type of physical therapy! FUN!