Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Last Monday, we had a rather inpromptu cookout with Nick's parents, my dad, and Nick's brother Eric's family (Vicki, Kathryn, and Alyssa). The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, and it was fun to hang out with everyone.

Ben has been CRAZY about bubbles lately. He gets going, and can occupy himself forever with it.
Showing cousin Kathryn a bubble he caught:

His latest trick is blowing a bubble on a surface over a small object to make it a "bubble house". He's actually really good at it, and can make the house have one big "room", or several small "rooms". He'll blow an array of bubbles, and then pop the ones that aren't to his liking to make his "house" perfect. He's elevated it to an art form. :-)

(Look at him beaming with pride, showing off this new-found skill! -)

Xavier, of course, was delighted with the company and the food. Baked beans, burgers, and potato & fruit salads are right up his alley. Here he is, enjoying attention from Grandma, whom I think he would rather be with more often than not. Hehehe - he LOVES his Grandma and Papa!!

There was swinging, catch, basketball at the little hoop, and after all that action, Ben dragged both his Grandpas inside to watch Spiderman, a new favorite. (He's growing up. Sigh.) Even though he's been wearing his Spiderman Halloween costume nearly every day for the last 6 months (HA!), he'd never seen the movie until last week. It's decidedly too violent for him to watch...but luckily, he's only interested in the parts where Spidey is swinging from building to building, and the rest of the time, he busies himself drawing and coloring. He somehow has a built in censor. It appears I'm at least momentarily set as far as that goes, although,I'm sure it won't last long... ;-)

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