Sunday, March 22, 2009

Playing together

Ben loves to make Xavier laugh. And he knows that this can be rather easily accomplished by making any repetitive noise (especially if its goofy). Here, Ben's making the toy Xavier is playing with make a clicking sound. Xavier thinks its hysterical.

Notice how I have Xavier all rigged up so he can't get bend his body/legs over to his right side? He's developing tightness all along his right side, and especially in his legs and hips because of his preferred sleeping position. We focus on stretching a lot, but left on his own for any length of time, he will roll on his right side or curl into a backwards 'c' if he's still laying flat on his back. Here, he's kicking his legs happily in a bicycle motion...and he's such a stinker, I think its half with the intention to get that bumbo seat out of the way so he can curl his legs up, instead of keeping them straight. ;-)

And...we're playing outside on a regular basis now! Hooray spring!

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Trent said...

The swing picture is wonderful. What great friends!