Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting so big

I noticed last night, more than I have in the recent past, that Xavier is growing up. He looks more like an elementary school-age kid to me now, than a little preschooler. I act like this surprises me, but actually it shouldn't. After all, he's turning 6 next week, and starting kindergarten in the fall. :-)

Here he is after bathtime(minus glasses ;-).

(he's beautiful from any angle, if you ask me...)

And one of my two turkeys together. :-)

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Trent said...

Love the Pictures!!!!! Xavier is getting so old. And his hair gives him and extra 3 inches! jk I laugh because they are exact opposites--his hair is longer and Carsons gets shaved short. Otherwise he likes to pull it out when he gets mad. Maybe that was too much info for people with normal kids. hee hee, Great shots. Oh, Izabella told me not to put the "hee hee" in. Oh brother....too late!