Friday, March 20, 2009

Key West in pictures

Our trip to Key West earlier this month is documented in the post below, but I wanted to also include some pictures of what we saw there, rather than what we did.

The next several pictures are of our hotel, The Casa Marina, inside and out.
The 1920's architecture and attention to detail in their recent refurbish/remodel is extraordinary.

The next two photos were taken on our hotel's beach at night:

Chickens and roosters run wild all over the place in Key West, in residental and shopping areas alike. Legend has it that when cock fighting was outlawed in 1837, all the birds were set free into the streets, and those wandering around there today are their decendents.

We spent a lot of time walking and biking around Old Town Key West. Its very touristy, but still manages to have held onto a lot of its charm. The people are friendly and old houses and buildings are well-maintained. Old residences have been turned into businesses - restaurants, shops, and inns.

Here's an example of that - The Hard Rock Cafe. This one seemed to specialize in alternative/punk/british invasion...which made me very happy :-)

This is St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Duval Street, which was built with funds donated by a local sherrif in the 1800's. The sherriff thought building the church would be good penance to God for the horrific methods he used to erradicate the pirate situation in and around Key West. This spot is supposedly very haunted and was one of our stops on our ghost tour.

The next two were taken on Duval Street:

Here's the air traffic control tower at the airport(which, incidentally, was so small, it reminded me of the one on "Wings" ;-)

These kitesurfers were on the water everyday. It was so interesting and fun to watch.

Here's the scavenger I speak about in the next post.

The last two are from the beautiful beach at Zachary Taylor State Park.

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