Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pre Christmas Photos

Just a random smattering of pictures...

Xavier likes whacking people in the head when he's happy (and when he's mad - emotion just brings out the whacking, I guess, haha). He had been cold, and this hoody had just come out of the dryer - so he was all warm and snuggly with Nick, which made for one happy Xavier. Let the whacking begin! :-)

Here's Ben posing in front of the Christmas tree for me.

This one is absolutely hilarious, he may have a career in abstract modeling in his future. He said- "Wait, let me change my pose! Take a photo of this, Mom!" (He's taken to calling me "mom" instead of "mommy" little boy is growing up.)

X and B watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...again...

I came home to the following at midnight after work on Dec 22 to this:

I asked Nick what this was all about, and he said that Ben had removed his sock that night, placed one of his matchbox cars in it, and then carefully switched his stocking for the sock. Stinkin funny!

Xavier loves to sit in his wheelchair, look at the lights on the tree, and play with his toys.

And last, but certainly not least, here's Nick and I with our new "niece", Mallory. Our best friends Will and Courtney welcomed her on Dec 17th. She joins big brother Gabe, and big sister Clara, and we love them all to bits! Congrats again guys, she's a darling little gem :-)

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Anonymous said...

Love the little sock on the fireplace!!!!He is witty.
Both boys are getting older and handsome. Great pictures.
I also enjoy hearing that Xavier thinks whacking in the head is hilarious. Carson used to laugh at other kids when they would cry! The louder the better!! Oh brother.
I love the look on Xaviers face when he is enjoying the lights on the tree.
The hand picture was awesome and made me miss Carson and his grandpas special relationship too.
Lots of neat pictures. What a great family you guys have. Happy 2009!