Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 26th

We hosted the big Christmas dinner and extended family celebration on December 26th. It was a great day!

Here are the boys, gearing up for everyone to come over. Xavier was thrilled, Bennett was nervous, as he always is when anything different is about to happen. He was protesting being in this photo, but I really wanted one of the boys together, no matter how badly it turned out...and Nick was admonishing Ben for not cooperating (my camera did a good job catching this split second that he was actually still...)

Xavier and Ben with cousin Alyssa. Both boys look less than excited about this, but Xavier especially loves being around her. He always smiles so sweetly at her, and likes to touch her face. Ben is interested in babies too, and is very gentle, but he doesn't stick around too long, as there are bigger fish to fry in his book ;-)

Dinner is served! Fried turkey and honey glazed spiral cut ham - yum!

Part of the family getting ready to eat dinner -

Ben opening his "table gift". Nick's family has the fun tradition of getting one small gift on your dinner plate before the food is served. Ben loves this little playdough accessory.

Relaxation time after dinner...
The grandpas with the boys:

Xavier holding Papa Paul's hand. Love in photo form.

Grandma and cousin Kathryn

The Christmas tree spilling forth its Christmas bounty ;-)

Let the wrapping paper fly!

Grandma custom made each of the boys a bathrobe to keep them warm and comfy. Thank you - these special gifts warm our hearts too :-)

Grandma and Xavier playing amidst the mild chaos.

Ben with his new workbench from Uncle Eric and Aunt Vicki (thank you!)-

Ben the airplane!

Thank you everyone, for all your generous, thoughful gifts, and most of all for the time you spent with us!

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