Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas morning, both boys gave us a wonderful gift - they slept in on the same day - which NEVER happens. Nick and I woke up at about 8:15, and were so surprised at how late it was and we hadn't heard either Xavier or Ben yet. I started laughing and said - "its a Christmas Miracle!" lol.

They didn't end up waking up until about 8:45 - a miracle, indeed. We came downstairs and, low and behold, Santa had delivered presents!

Here's the boys taking in their loot under the tree:

Nick and Ben in the background, diving into Ben's stocking, and Xavier still gazing up at the tree, which he loves so much.

Santa brought Bennett socks with characters from the movie Cars, which is a favorite of his. He couldn't wait to put them on.

And here he is playing with Mack the semi-truck, also from Cars.

Xavier loves the new toy that Santa brought.

The rest of the day was enjoyed soaking in all of our new toys and enjoying each other's company. I worked from 3-11pm, so our big extended family celebration was planned for the next day...(see future post)

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