Friday, October 24, 2008


It all started last Sunday morning, when Ben slowed way down from his normal boundless energy level and wanted to do nothing but watch movies on the couch. Uhhhh, UNUSUAL!!

Soon after that, we knew why - he started with a fever of 103 and couldn't keep anything down. As the days went on this week, both boys followed the same pattern of fever, stomach upset, and a head cold with high fevers. Ben was the hardest hit, and literally did not get off the couch all day for a couple of days (which was scary to me - because its soooo atypical of Bennett to sit still for very long).

Yesterday, after a trip to the doctor, we were assured that it was neither strep throat or ear infections, just a wicked virus with a lingering fever.

Today, FINALLY, they are both feeling better. Neither of them went to school all week!
Here they are looking quite pitiful, poor babies.

But fear not! As I write this, both boys are playing contentedly in the playroom. They're so happy to be feeling better! (and of course, I'm very relieved, any mom HATES when her kids are sick!)

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