Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkin picking

Last Sunday, we visited Walsh Farms to get the boys their pumpkins. It was an unseasonably warm day, sunny and 80 degrees!

Xavier and Ben rode in the wagon between all the fun activities. We had to cross over a covered bridge to get to all the excitement :-)

First stop, was what was claimed to be the "world's largest inflatable slide". Ben requested to "just sit here on this bench and look at if for a little bit."

Xavier loved watching all the kids come down the slide. We wished we could have taken him for a ride, but the steps were narrow and not very stable at all. It would have been much too dangerous to carry him up :-(

However, Ben and I had fun! And let me tell you, this thing was huge! Ben had no problem climbing up (although I felt somewhat uneasy supporting him and being careful myself, heading up the steps...remember, I'm klutzy and it's a long way up!) When we got to the top, and looked down, we were really high up! And Bennett said, "OH Mommy! I'm not going down!" I saw a glimpse of an upcoming freakout, so I grabbed him and said, "Yes we are! Here we go!!" ... and off we went! :-)

Xavier did get to ride in the pumpkin train though! He was very happy and giggled the entire time.

Sidenote: the pumpkin train is not made to hold adults. I had wedged myself in there, so Xavier could ride (he couldn't sit in there by himself). Ben was in front of us, in the first pumpkin car, and there were 2 toddlers in the car behind us. The train was being pulled by a 4-wheeler. Well, the last little leg of our journey was up a gravel hill. The 4-wheeler stopped, started spinning out, and the train wouldn't budge. Nick was watching all this from about 50 ft way, while I was making eyecontact, hand motions, and saying, "Come get Xavier, so I can get out!" I knew it was my extra weight causing the issue. Well, Nick didn't either hear me, or chose to ignore me, so he could watch the humorous scene ensue. It took 2 guys to push the 4-wheeler up the hill so the train could park and let us off. Seriously.

Taking a break.

Ben wanted his arm painted! He sat so nicely for about 5 min while the lady painted...

Spongebob Squarepants! OF COURSE!

Another sidenote: Ben likes to play a funny game where he replaces the words "bob" and "square" in Spongebob Squarepants. Ex: Spongeben Hiccuppants (this one originated one night after bath when he had, you guessed it! Hiccups!)

Corn Kernel Playland!! Ben took great care and time to fill up bucket after bucket, in order to fill a wagon to be pulled by a tractor.

Xavier loved this. He sat well, smiled, sifted the corn kernels through his hands, and watched the other kids play. What a ball!

Then we were onto the petting zoo - with donkeys, sheep, and goats.

Remember - goats LOVE Xavier. This one hovered by him on and off for about 10 minutes.

At last - the picking of the perfect pumpkins commenced!

And a little hay maze action on the way out.


Tiffany said...

I am sitting here laughing as I read your account of the pumpkin train incident. I love it!

Rachel said...

I loved the pictures!!! That could have been a kids book. Plus I ESPECIALLY loved the train incident--you big NERD!! HA!