Friday, October 3, 2008

Enter new season - fall 2008

Oh, how I love fall. Clear blue skys, puffy white clouds with rims of grey, abundant sunshine, crisp air, comfy temperatures, the smell and crunch of leaves at your feet...and, dare I say it, even rain is tolerable in the fall (gasp!) ;-)

We've started this fall with various activities - Nick's putting the finishing touches on our new shed, laying bricks along its foundation. Ben was 'helping':

Fall comes with more than it's fair share of yard work. Here's Xavier 'helping', with the clippings I'd snipped off our hostas.

Xavier's sitting ability just keeps getting better. Its awesome - he can sit quite confidently for about 30 min. And can play with at least one hand, also with confidence. In this photo, he's multitasking - sitting, playing, and blowing a kiss to our neighbors grand-daughter. (He's always been a ladies man! hehe)

Bennett has acquired quite an interest in taking photos (I'm continually making a mental Christmas list - indestructable camera for preschooler is right up there at #1...) I can't post all of Ben's photos, he takes a ton everyday, but here are two of his self-proclaimed favorites:

1.) This was a complicated shoot (done all by Ben on his own) - it required much preparation and configuring to get it just right. The result, which he has entitled "Bridge of Cars and Tape", is quite a masterpiece, don't you think?

2.) A self-portrait, of sorts.

I'm experimenting more with 'color accent' (as in a previous post). You can't have fall without acorns. (Or at least you can't if you live in a yard full of oak trees.)

And, lastly, to keep you all current, Nick has just returned home after a week in Montana for work. Ben was terribly distraught when Nick left...saying goodbye was hard (can you see Ben's tears? "OH DADDY! don't leave! I'm gonna miss you SOOOO much. OOOHHHH!!!"):

All the sobbing wore him out:

But, rest assured, Xavier, Ben and I muddled through the days, and made it through unscathed. Nick is back, with stories of a early morning hike in the mountains and some pretty amazing photos.

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Melissa said...

Ben is so creative!