Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Budding chef

Bennett is always interested in helping in the kitchen. Lately, one of our "fast favorites" is pizza. You know, the kind of meal that you can make quickly and easily, because you don't feel like cooking, but need to feed your children? ;-)

Ben is able to put together the entire pizza all by himself. I, of course, have to cut the pepperoni from the stick for him, and help him pour the sauce onto the dough, but other than that, he can make a mean pizza all by himself!

Here he is, strategically placing the pepperoni on the dough with the pizza sauce, which he has carefully spread around with a spoon.

And the cheese:

Not quite the finished product, but when Ben saw me taking pictures, he said, "I'm going to lean close to my pizza and smile. Please take a picture." Hilarious.

Thanks for making dinner, Bennett! Now, what else can a 4 year old make with little supervision? :-)

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