Friday, June 20, 2008

Ben is 4!

Bennett turned 4 on June 15th! We had a fun party for him, featuring his favorite character Thomas. It was a small bbq party with just family and close friends.

Ben had a fabulous cake - Thomas actually rode around on the "track"!

Here he is, triumphant after blowing out his 4 candles.

Ben got so many marvelous, generous gifts! Thank you to everyone! He remembers what everyone got him, and had fun signing his name to the "thank you" cards. He now has enough wooden track, engines, and Thomas building accessories to rival any collection. ;-) The creativity that this sparks in him amazes us, and we are so impressed with the problem solving skills he's developing. His layouts are becoming more complicated and diverse every day!

Xavier got a belated birthday gift from Aunt Michelle, and he LOVES it. Here he is, sharing his new ball with cousin Kathryn. Xavier loves Kathryn, he smiles whenever she is near. I like to see them together. She is such a gentle, sweet little girl, and Xavier senses this, and really enjoys her company.

Xavier couldn't quit smiling about this ball!

Happy Birthday, Bennett! You are such big kid. You're a joy and we love you like crazy!


Melissa said...

That is an awesome did you make that?

So glad Ben and Xavier had a fabulous day!

Nick, Kristy, Xavier and Bennett said...

Oh - I didn't mean to give the impression that I made the cake! heehee! I may be able to bake a cake that tastes great (if I do say so myself ;-), however, my cake decorating skills leave much to be desired. This one was purchased.

I might add, my last attempt at cake decorating was Nick's birthday cake in May, which I made to look like the striping on a Mini Clubman, a car I'm trying to get him to agree to for me to drive. Its so very impractical -- but I want one none the less. HA! (btw, the cake did not work as a not so subtle subliminal message. I'm still driving my minivan. arg.)