Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Busy Benny.

Somebody called Ben that they other day, and I thought it was very apropos. His little mind - always working, his little body - always buzzing.

Here he is, after being left alone for, oh, say, 30 seconds, while I was checking on Xavier. Notice the stacked stools. He's a smarty. One wasn't enough to hoist himself up there.

He said, "Mommy, I gonna sit right here. Right on top of this giant box." Our dishwasher came today! I've been washing dishes the old fashioned way for several days now. Happy its made its arrival.

Look at the background - kitchen demo occurred this weekend! Hiphiphooray! Nick let me take the first swing at the horribly old, nasty counters that had been lurking in our kitchen for nearly 40 years. Bless him.

Here's a Ben quickie for you:

Ben: (leaning over Xavier) sniff, sniff. "Mommy, Xavier smells like potato salad."
me: "What? Potato salad?" (surely I hadn't heard him right, this, or anything remotely like it, had not come up in conversation anytime recently)
Ben: "Yes, potato salad." He said emphatically. "He stink."

I laughed for 2 minutes. :)


Rachel said...

I think Ben is turning into such a character! All of his comments make us laugh. We a sweet boy.

Denea said...

The things that Benny says craxks me up! I laughed out loud at that one!

Rachel said...

Okay---"we a sweet boy" doesn't actually make sense!! Ofcourse I meant to say, What a Sweet Boy!!!