Tuesday, November 6, 2007

As Ben would say...

Here's some more, from the mind of Mr. Bennett:

One night last week, we arrived home after dark. We came in, turned the lights on, and I layed Xavier down in the middle of the living room floor. I left to take my coat off and saw the lights go off. Then I heard this: thud...grunt. (that was Xavier grunting). I quickly made my way back to the living room, and there was Ben, laying down next to Xavier,with his head on his belly. The thud had been him flopping to the floor and the grunt from Xavier was from the weight of Ben's giant melon squishing the air out of him. I said, "Benny, what are you doing?" He said, "Aww, Mommy. I just gonna lay here in the dark with Xavier. I gonna rub his head." and with that, he gently tossled Xavier's hair, the way we do sometimes. Brought tears to my eyes. :)
Ben: "Aaaachoo! Aaaachoo!" (real sneezes)
me: silent, concentrating on buckling a wiggly worm in his carseat
Ben: "Bless me, Mommy!"
me: "what, Ben?"
Ben: "Mommy, I sneeze. You need to bless me!"
me: "oh, bless you, Ben."
Ben: "That's better. Thank you, Mommy."
And last, but certainly not least, its started. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the dreaded why question!! For the next several years, we will be answering, ummm, maybe a few million of these. WHY??!!
Here's Xavier yelling at Ben, because Ben was complaining, "Mommy, the pumpkins are WET! I don't want my picture taken with the yucky pumpkins!!" (again, he's on photo strike)

A new tradition! Kick the pumpkin! Hey, there's got to be an end to the pumpkin sometime, right? Might as well have fun with it!

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Melissa said...

Ben is so funny! I love the sneezing conversation!