Saturday, November 10, 2007

50 years!

Last night, friends and family gathered to celebrate Nick's parents' 50th wedding anniverary. The room was filled with laughter, shared memories, and love - reminiscing about old times and counting all the blessings that fill our family now.

The party, which was organized mainly by Nick's brother Eric and his wife Vicki (with some help from us and sister Michelle), was held at our community center. We managed to keep the whole thing a surprise!

The evening was kicked off by the mayor Terry Lindeman, who gave the guests of honor an official proclaimation, deeming November 9, 2007 "Nick and Adrienne Day in Doylestown, OH"! Here's the mayor handing Mom the proclaimation.

Eric's efforts of compiling old photos to make a video montage were well worth it. The video captures 50 years of family memories in a way that was both loving and humorous. It was even interesting enough to keep Benny's attention (that's saying a lot :) Here he is, sitting with Grandpa D., looking at all the great photos.

Mom and Dad cut the cake, which was nearly an exact replica of the one at their reception 50 years ago.

Xavier and Ben had the time of their lives. Just a couple of years ago, Xavier might have been undone with all the noise, strange voices, and low lighting. But instead, he smiled, laughed, and thoroughly enjoyed himself. He was so active, kicking and moving around in his stroller, that I had to catch him a few times from falling out! It warmed our hearts to see him having so much fun!

X with Nick...

X with me...

X with buddy Clara...

X with Aunt Michelle and cousin Kathryn (laughing like crazy!)...

And Benny...well, with all the activity and excitement in the air, plus the fact that he was all charged up on sugar (there were cookies galore, I'm sure he swiped way more than what we knew about), his normal seemingly boundless energy was on overdrive. He had a blast chasing after cousin Kathryn.

And here's Nick clowning around with Ben, and friends Gabe and Clara.

Before you view this next picture, know the bottle was empty...but it still makes for an excellent photo :)

Mom and Dad with Aunt RuthAnn, Uncle Nils, Uncle Sig and Aunt Penny:

Congratulations Mom and Dad! With all our hearts, we wish you many more years filled with all the love and happiness that you have shared for your first 50! We love you very much!!

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Melissa said...

It looks like everyone had so much fun! I love that Nick's brother had their wedding cake replicated!