Monday, August 6, 2007

Volleyball and horsebackriding

Last week at Little Gym, the theme was "fun at the beach" and Benny had a really good time playing volleyball with balloons. Its pretty much a safe bet that where there's balloons, theres bound to be fun. Benny is in the blue and orange shirt left of center.

And here's Xavier on his horse CJ, sitting by himself. According to Heather, his super duper PT, he can make it to a count of 23 sitting without assistance. Awesome! We continue to be so thankful for Xavier's strength and determination...and for the therapists and teachers that give him and us their time, support, and expertise. You make a difference in our lives!!

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Aunt Kelly said...

Benny and Xavier, you are growing up so fast. Looks like you are having fun learning and playing.