Monday, August 6, 2007

The "Rogue's Hollow" Festival!

Every year our little town has a street festival called the Rogue's Hollow Festival. Rogue's Hollow is an actual place within our town that has a history rich in stories of the old days when our town was a major coal mining area. As the stories go, the hollow where the mines were located was so full of corruption, greed, and crime that people would go miles and miles out of their way on their horses and buggies to avoid the area for fear of being burglarized or murdered! Hence the name "Rogue's Hollow". Luckily, the festival has nothing to do with Rogue's, just a great time to gather with friends and neighbors to enjoy live band music, a parade, games, activities, fair food, and local vendors!
Here's a picture of the four of us as we wait for the parade to start that kicks off the festivities:

Papa Paul and Benny looking down the street, "Are they coming yet, Papa Paul?!" Ben was so excited for the parade to begin!

The boys and I enjoying lollypops!

Xavier loved hearing the drums in the bands and the horns on the cars!

Xavier, Ben, and my dad waving at the cars:

By the end of the parade, Ben had quite a bag-full of candy! He quickly became an expert at holding out his hands when the floats went by and then racing after what fell to the ground! He said, "I get candy! I so excited!!"

Nick and Xavier after the parade, listening to the band.

Xavier and Ben had such a fun time playing with balloons. Xavier liked hitting his and watching it bounce right back at him.

Ben rode this little train 4 times - he couldn't get enough!

Ben and cousin Kathryn, he was having fun entertaining her with his balloon.

Xavier and I dancing to the band music!


Aunt Kelly said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I am sure grandpa helped the fun along.

Teagansmama said...

Kristy makes into the pics finally! :) Beautiful family! Yea for summer fun!