Monday, August 13, 2007

I have one word for ya...

TRAINED!!! Benny is officially out of diapers! For over a week now he has been accident free - clean and dry all day long in his "big boy underwear"! We are so very proud of him, almost as proud as he is! He keeps saying, "I getting bigger! I growing up!" The other day, I said, "oh Benny, Mommy loves you so much, baby!" He frowned and said, "I not a baby anymore, Mommy. I a kid." Yep, you're right Benny - not a baby anymore! Mommy and Daddy love you so much and are so proud of our big boy!

Benny being cute:


Liz said...

I have been stopping by every once in a while to check in. Although I don't know you and your family, I love reading about everything that is going with the two boys.

I also have two boys (4 and 3) and know how difficult potty training can be.

My oldest took almost two years to get the hang of it. So when it came to my youngest I had no desire to even start. He however fully potty trained himself in about a week also. I guess it's true that you have to wait until they are ready.

Anyway, I just wanted to express my congratulations on this huge milestone.

Aunt Kelly said...

Way to go Benny!