Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day 2010!

Ben's card to me (made at school). He gave it to me, and then said, 'Are you gonna eat that lollipop on the front, Mom? I don't think you really like lollipops. How 'bout I just eat it for you?"

This has nothing to do with Valentines day, but its sort of cute, so here it is. This is Ben's grass plant. He has named him "Billy". We water Billy every day, and take notice of his longer hair. I keep asking Bennett if he wants to give him a haircut, but he always refuses, saying, "Billy doesn't want his hair cut, just like I don't want mine cut."

Here are some of the Valentine's Day projects o' love that came home with the boys this year.

Bennett's most recent spelling test (Feb 12th)!

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Here's the back of the card Ben made me. Apparently, he came up with these things himself, and I feel very happy that he notices some of the things I do, that I thought went largely unnoticed. :-)

LOOT! (When we were kids, didn't just a few little folded cards come home with us?)

Another card from Ben :-)

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Happy Valentine's Day, to all the people who are special to me. You know who you are. :-)

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Fluhrer said...

Love the lollipop story!
Seriously, we were lucky to get a few candy hearts stuffed in an envelope! Things have changed.
I love the list of things that Ben made. Great idea!