Saturday, June 13, 2009

Little Gym Show Day #2

B's second gymnastics "show day" was June 9th. The kids ran in individually to the theme song from Rocky, and did a mini-vault off a spring board onto a mat. (Why don't I video these things!? Dangit!)
The line-up:

The beam routine (including walking on tip-toes, and an arabesque at the end.) Flawlessy executed.

Breaktime between the routines, on the bars with buddy Owen.

Bar routine. (the green stick is used to give the kids something to straddle jump over back and forth, helping them to learn to change their hand grip.)

He fell on me right after the shutter closed.

Medal of achievement!


Trent said...

He deserves a medal!!! What a fun place to go. I bet he loves it there. He is so good at that stuff.


Melanie Hitchings said...

I love the picture of him looking down through the bars...It's a good photographer that still gets the shot as bodies are flying at them! Awesome....