Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bennett!

Its hard to believe that our little boy, who entered our lives when he was 15 months old, turned five today. He's come a long way from the 1 pound 3 ounce, 4 month premature baby he once was. B is a living example of how far a spirited heart and willpower will get you...

Therefore, we had a totally fantastic day, celebrating BENNETT!

In the morning, he had his first day of "Safety Town" at the local elementary school (more about this in a future post). We went home for a quick lunch, and then off we went to see the movie UP (which was soooo good.) After that, it was home for a party with friends and family.

The kids played while Nick and I finished up with getting dinner ready for everyone. Here's Ben's friend Clara and her baby sister Mallory. Mallory was loving Xavier's swing :-)

Nick and Mallory

Ben was so happy everyone could come!

Look how thrilled he is to have people singing to him :-)

My niece, Kathryn:

Mallory swinging with Uncle P :-)

My other niece, Alyssa :-)

Yet another niece, Mallory :-)

Bennett and Alyssa had the most gentle sword fight recorded in history.

Goofball brother chewing on a towel, taking in all the action:

PRESENTS!! This year, B's party didn't really have a theme, persay, but he did get lots of sports oriented gifts. An official teeball set, his first mitt and teeball, a tennis racket and balls (important, because that's his mom and dad's "thing" ;-), a frisbee, and a hoolahoop. He also got a really awesome game for his Leapster2, and some movies he's been dying to have in his ever-growing DVD collection (Wall-E, the Incredibles, Charlotte's Web, and the Cat in the Hat.)

Mallory, showing off her sitting skills and watching B open his loot.

Kathryn, GmaP and Xavier:

Of course, the $1 Pez dispenser was the best gift ever. ;-)

And, the night ended with an injury. I slammed the gate shut right on Nick's ankle as he was walking through carrying Kathryn to the car. (It was an accident, people! Don't judge! ;-) He looks real happy with me, here.

Whoopsie! (sorry :-(

Happy Bday, Bennett - I'm soooo proud of the boy you've grown into. You've faced so many challenges in your short life. You are a constant reminder to me that life is a miracle. We are so unbelievably lucky to have you in our lives, and we are forever grateful to the people who helped you find your way home to us. Love you, buddy. XO.

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Trent said...

Happy Birthday Ben! Wow...what a party! It looked like a great day. Lots of great gifts and Ben looked like he enjoyed having everyone there. I bet he loved the movie UP!
That was a good one.
Plus there's always a risk that someone will decide to plow your foot right over when you are going through a gate. (KRISTY!)
The weather looked good too!!!!!!
What a great day.