Friday, September 5, 2008

Cute, lovey moments

Since school started Thursday, our mornings are now officially hectic again. Wednesday, it occurred to me that I ought to capture some summer laziness while I still could.

Here's how the boys and I started off each morning this summer (well, except, picture me in the bed, dozing in and out ;-):

They'd lay like that, just talking to each other and watching tv for about an hour while I dozed! What excellent little boys! Hehe. They're early risers, and I work late (I usually get home at midnight), so this plan seemed to work out quite well for us.

The boys enjoy each other so much. Its super cute and warms my heart like I can't even explain. Ben asks questions about why Xavier doesn't walk or talk, and I want him to feel like he can talk about this with us...

Recently, there was this conversation:
me: Ben, is Xavier different than you?
Ben: yes. I love him. He's my brother.
me: That is so nice, Ben, I love hearing that. I love you both. But how is Xavier different than you?
Ben: He has different eyes.
me: (thinking he was referring to, as I've told him before, that Xavier can't see like us, even with his glasses, he can't see very well.) Yes, he wears glasses.
Ben: Yeah. He does. But the color! I mean the color is different! Xavier has brown eyes like Daddy. And I have blue eyes like you, Mommy!

Good observation, Bennett :-)

I found the boys like this in the playroom, Xavier's giggles alerting me that Ben was up to something...

I said, "What are you boys doing in here?" and Ben said, "I'm tickling Xavier, right under his chin. He likes it! I like to lay with him. I think he likes it too."

Yes, Ben, he does. Very much. :-)

ps - Notice, this was a truly lazy day! Ben has no shorts, his underwear are on backwards, and Xavier is shirtless. To top that all off, that's what they slept in the night before, and this photo was taken after lunch! HA! I was living it up on the last day before school started! lol!)


Melissa said...

I wish I had that set up in my bedroom, you are lucky!!! I love the pictures of the boys snuggling!

Rachel said...

Those pictures of the boys made my eyes water!!!! Loved it.