Saturday, September 20, 2008

Camera tricks

Okay, all of you know by now I take way too many photos. I can admit to that. ;-)

Recently, I've realized that I'm way past due as far as figuring out how to use my camera to its potential. So, yesterday, I sat down with the manual, I'm ashamed to say, for the very first time since we got this camera a year and a half ago.

Among other things I learned (which all still need much practice and tweaking), I figured out how to use this really cool "color affect" option. It allows you to select one color to shoot, and the rest of the photo appears in black and white.

Here's some shots from the zoo today, using this effect. I love it. I need more practice, but I like these as first tries. Please click on the photo to see the true affect - the contrast in the sized down version is way less obvious.:

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Melissa said...

That's really cool, I think I need to go over my manual now.