Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sitting pretty!

Xavier has been sitting so well lately! Although I wasn't able to snap a picture of him with his hands completely up in the air tonight (which he does routinely now!) here are 2 pictures of how straight he can sit and how stable he is. He could sit like this forever without falling. What causes him to tip over is when he tries to lift his hands up and sit up straighter. And even then, he only falls over less than half the time, usually he just puts his hands back down and catches himself before falling. Even when he does have his hands down, he's usually playing with the grass or a toy, or only lightly touching his legs for a little balance.

And for all you therapists out there (some of Xavier's favorite people, no doubt! :) here is a side view of his amazingly straight back - we're so proud!!!

1 comment:

Aunt Kelly said...

Way to go Xavier! Keep building your strenght.