Sunday, May 20, 2007

Let the kitchen remodel begin!

Our big summer project this year is a huge undertaking that has been in the planning stages for a LONG time, and now is actually happening! We decided to do this remodel for two reasons - to update an almost 40 year old kitchen that lacks storage, organization, and work space, and to be able to add an eating area to our kitchen so that Xavier can eventually take over our dining room downstairs as his room/therapy area.

Nick is hoping to do a lot of the work himself, and has already started demolition of some areas, but the biggest noticable step forward so far is the replacement of our kitchen window. Unfortunately, the new window is smaller than what we had before, but this is necessary to gain wall space for cabinets. We will be changing out our regular back door for a french patio door, which will hopefully bring in more light.

Here are some pictures of Nick's work on the window today:
The old window, minus the window frame (already removed before the picture was taken).

A hole in our house!!

The new window from outside, of course, the brick will eventually be replaced (anyone know a mason??), but this is as far as we got today. Not bad for a few hours work!

Here's Xavier watching from our patio, he loved all the banging and the nail gun! I was in the middle of changing his shirt and he was cracking me up, being such a ham because he loves to be without clothes!

Benny was also very interested in what was going on and helped by picking up debris and "measuring", double checking that Daddy had done everything right :) Here he is with Nick's dad doing some measurements.

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Looks like Daddy has some helpers!