Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Xavier loves beans.

Whether they be green, baked, or in a bag - he's all about them.

Here he is in his new bean bag chair. Its super comfy, and he loves laying in it. Look, he's so relaxed, he's yawning. :-)

His favorite bit is rolling off on purpose. He curls up into a ball and rolls right off, lands with a giant thud, and laughs. He does the same thing off the couch these days...can't leave him alone on any piece of furniture, really. He works hard to get himself to the edge of whatever it is and rolls to the floor. THUD! "What's that?! ooooh, that's just Xavier, falling off of ________." He's quite the rascal about it. :-)
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Fluhrer said...

Oh my gosh he is funny! I know I say this alot but he lookes like such a big kid now!!!! So cute!


Sam said...

I haven't met a kid that doesn't like bean bag chairs. They're comfy and easy to maintain. The well made ones are virtually indestructible! As an adult, I can say that I still like 'em. Thanks for letting me share!